Maritime Bus Increasing Service to Six Days a Week

maritime bus on bridge

Maritime Bus is excited to support the opening of the 2021 Atlantic Bubble! 

Beginning Wednesday, June 23, 2021 Maritime Bus customers will be able to travel and ship  parcels every day of the week except for Saturdays.  

Mike Cassidy, owner of Coach Atlantic Maritime Bus, said: “When Covid-19 hit our Country and  our Region, we made the decision to continue to operate under extremely difficult  circumstances. Other bus carriers in other parts of Canada shut down all together. However,  we knew that a complete shutdown was not fair to our customers, so we decided back in  March 2020 to reduce days of service and then add service days back as Governments lifted  restrictions.” 

The Covid-19 Pandemic reinforced how important an Inter-City Bus Service is for essential  travel and parcel shipments. With Government announced opening plans it is now time to  increase our days of service from four days a week to six days a week to support the needs of  the traveling public and our parcel and freight customers. Let’s all hope we are nearing the end  of Covid-19 allowing our lives to return to some form of normal.