Halifax Airport Shuttle

Travelling by air? We can get you there! 

Make getting to the Halifax airport stress-free with our Halifax Airport Shuttle. From May 1 to October 10th, we offer a full scheduled Airport Shuttle Service to and from the Airport to Downtown Dartmouth and Halifax.

Every day starting at 8AM, we offer every second hour service from downtown Dartmouth and Halifax to the Halifax airport. The last run departs down at 2 PM. Runs from the airport begin each day at 9AM and the last run departs at 3PM. 

Book your reservation online or by calling 1-800-575-1807

To book in person with cash or debit, drop into our Halifax Terminal at 1161 Hollis St., Sunday through Friday from 10-am to 7 pm,  or at the Airport at Ground Transportation.

  • We offer one-way fares at $28/person tax included (we accept Visa, Visa Debit and MasterCard only).
  • Children under 5 ride for free, but still need a ticket prior to travel.
  • Tickets must be pre-purchased prior to travel. Book and purchase online or at the Ground Transportation Booth at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.
  • Ticket and ID are required upon boarding.
  • On-demand pick up and drop off. The bus will only stop when passengers are booked.
  • Passengers must be ready at the scheduled departure time. Pickup times could be up to 10 minutes after the designated scheduled time.
  • Express route operates only between The Westin at Maritime Bus/VIA Rail Terminal and the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

*Schedule is subject to change without notice, so please check back on our website for up-to-date arrival and departure times.

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